𐲢𐳉𐳍𐳐𐳀 𐲀𐳙𐳍𐳖𐳛𐳢𐳪𐳘


𐲢𐳉𐳍𐳐𐳀 𐲀𐳙𐳍𐳖𐳛𐳢𐳪𐳘⹁ (𐳉𐳎 𐳟𐳤𐳐 𐳓𐳐𐳌𐳉𐳒𐳉𐳯𐳋𐳤⹁ 𐳀𐳘𐳉𐳗 𐳀𐳯 𐳀𐳙𐳍𐳛𐳖 𐳙𐳋𐳠 𐳓𐳐𐳢𐳁𐳗𐳤𐳁𐳍𐳀𐳐𐳦 𐳒𐳉𐳖𐳉𐳙𐳦𐳐) 𐳀 𐳮𐳐𐳖𐳁𐳍 𐳉𐳎𐳐𐳓 𐳖𐳉𐳍𐳙𐳀𐳎𐳛𐳂𐳂 𐳋𐳖𐳟 𐳦𐳞𐳢𐳦𐳋𐳙𐳉𐳖𐳘𐳐 𐳋𐳤 𐳏𐳀𐳎𐳛𐳘𐳁𐳘𐳒‍𐳐𐳞𐳢𐳯𐳟 𐳓𐳞𐳯𐳞𐳤𐳤𐳋𐳍𐳉⹁ 𐳀𐳘𐳐 𐳀 𐳻‍𐳾𐳾𐳾𐳾𐳾 𐳋𐳤 𐳿𐳾 𐳓𐳞𐳯𐳞𐳦𐳦𐳐 𐲙𐳀𐳎 𐲂𐳢𐳐𐳦𐳀𐳙𐳙𐳐𐳀 𐳘𐳐𐳙𐳇𐳉𐳙𐳙𐳀𐳠𐳐 𐳋𐳖𐳉𐳦𐳋𐳢𐳉 𐳋𐳤 𐳏𐳀𐳢𐳄𐳀𐳐𐳢𐳀 𐳌𐳜𐳓𐳪𐳥𐳁𐳖. 𐲀 𐲢𐳉𐳍𐳐𐳀 𐲀𐳙𐳍𐳖𐳛𐳢𐳪𐳘 𐳐𐳘𐳘𐳁𐳢𐳛𐳙 𐳉𐳎 𐳼𐳼𐳼𐳻𐳺𐳺𐳋𐳮𐳉𐳤 𐳙𐳉𐳘𐳯𐳉𐳦𐳓𐳞𐳯𐳐 𐳓𐳞𐳯𐳞𐳤𐳤𐳋𐳍⹁ 𐳀𐳘𐳐𐳙𐳉𐳓 𐳪𐳎𐳀𐳙 𐲙𐳀𐳎 𐲂𐳢𐳐𐳦𐳀𐳙𐳙𐳐𐳀 𐳀 𐳓𐳞𐳯𐳠𐳛𐳙𐳦𐳒𐳀⹁ 𐳇𐳉 𐳀 𐳮𐳐𐳖𐳁𐳍 𐳘𐳐𐳙𐳇𐳉𐳙 𐳦𐳁𐳒𐳁𐳢𐳜𐳖 𐳮𐳀𐳙𐳙𐳀𐳓 𐳦𐳀𐳍𐳒𐳀𐳐⹁ 𐳠𐳖.: 𐲋𐳥𐳀𐳓 𐲀𐳘𐳉𐳢𐳐𐳓𐳁𐳂𐳜𐳖⹁ 𐲇𐳋𐳖 𐲀𐳌𐳢𐳐𐳓𐳁𐳂𐳜𐳖⹁ 𐲤𐳓𐳀𐳙𐳇𐳐𐳙𐳁𐳮𐳐𐳁𐳂𐳜𐳖 𐳋𐳤 𐲓𐳉𐳖𐳉𐳦 𐲉𐳪𐳢𐳛𐳠𐳁𐳂𐳜𐳖.

𐲀 𐳘𐳉𐳍𐳀𐳙𐳚𐳐 𐳓𐳞𐳯𐳦𐳋𐳢𐳐 𐳌𐳉𐳖𐳖𐳋𐳠𐳋𐳤𐳙𐳉𐳓 𐳆𐳀𐳓 𐳉𐳎 𐳢𐳋𐳥𐳉 𐳀 𐳢𐳋𐳍 𐳉𐳖𐳌𐳉𐳖𐳉𐳇𐳉𐳦𐳦 𐳆𐳀𐳦𐳁𐳓 𐳌𐳉𐳖𐳉𐳖𐳉𐳮𐳉𐳙𐳐𐳦𐳋𐳤𐳉. 𐲀 𐳓𐳞𐳯𐳞𐳤𐳤𐳋𐳍 𐳘𐳋𐳍 𐳥𐳁𐳘𐳛𐳤 𐳦𐳢𐳀𐳇𐳐𐳄𐳐𐳛𐳙𐳁𐳖𐳐𐳤 𐳦𐳉𐳮𐳋𐳓𐳉𐳚𐳤𐳋𐳍𐳙𐳉𐳓 𐳏𐳜𐳇𐳛𐳖. 𐲀 𐳦𐳀𐳍𐳛𐳓 𐳉𐳖𐳤𐳀𐳒𐳁𐳦𐳐𐳦𐳏𐳀𐳦𐳒𐳁𐳓 𐳀 𐳌𐳀𐳌𐳀𐳢𐳀𐳍𐳁𐳤𐳦⹁ 𐳀 𐳏𐳐𐳘𐳯𐳋𐳤𐳦⹁ 𐳀 𐳂𐳟𐳢𐳘𐳑𐳮𐳉𐳤 𐳋𐳤 𐳀𐳯 𐳉𐳎𐳋𐳂 𐳙𐳉𐳘 𐳓𐳀𐳦𐳛𐳙𐳀𐳐 𐳌𐳛𐳍𐳖𐳀𐳖𐳀𐳦𐳛𐳤𐳤𐳁𐳍𐳛𐳓𐳀𐳦⹁ 𐳘𐳉𐳗𐳉𐳓 𐳉 𐳤𐳞𐳦𐳋𐳦 𐳓𐳛𐳢 𐳋𐳖𐳉𐳦𐳋𐳙𐳉𐳓 𐳘𐳐𐳙𐳇𐳉𐳙 𐳙𐳀𐳠𐳐 𐳢𐳋𐳥𐳋𐳦 𐳓𐳋𐳠𐳉𐳯𐳦𐳋𐳓. 𐲀 𐳆𐳀𐳦𐳁𐳓 𐳘𐳉𐳖𐳖𐳉𐳦𐳦 𐳉𐳯𐳉𐳓 𐳐𐳤 𐳂𐳉𐳘𐳪𐳦𐳀𐳦𐳁𐳤𐳢𐳀 𐳓𐳉𐳢𐳬𐳖𐳦𐳉𐳓 𐳥𐳁𐳘𐳛𐳤 𐳤𐳏𐳛𐳮‍𐳮𐳂𐳀𐳙 𐳀𐳯 𐳋𐳮𐳉𐳓 𐳤𐳛𐳢𐳁𐳙.

𐲏𐳀 𐳋𐳢𐳇𐳉𐳓𐳉𐳖 𐳉𐳯 𐳀𐳯 𐳐𐳇𐳟𐳥𐳀𐳓: 𐳀𐳯 𐳟𐳤𐳐 𐳓𐳋𐳯𐳘𐳭𐳮𐳉𐳤𐳉𐳓 𐳋𐳤 𐳦𐳉𐳄𐳏𐳙𐳐𐳓𐳁𐳓 𐳉𐳖𐳮𐳉𐳥𐳉𐳦𐳦 𐳓𐳛𐳢𐳥𐳀𐳓𐳀⹁ 𐳀 𐳥𐳁𐳥𐳛𐳓 𐳋𐳤 𐳇𐳁𐳙𐳛𐳓 𐳓𐳞𐳯𐳞𐳦𐳦𐳐 𐳂𐳢𐳪𐳦𐳁𐳖𐳐𐳤 𐳞𐳤𐳥𐳉𐳆𐳀𐳠𐳁𐳤𐳛𐳓 𐳐𐳇𐳉𐳒𐳉⹁ 𐲙𐳛𐳢𐳘𐳀𐳙 𐳏𐳜𐳇𐳐𐳦𐳁𐳤𐳛𐳓 𐳋𐳤 𐲮𐳐𐳓𐳐𐳙𐳍 𐳠𐳛𐳢𐳨𐳁𐳓 𐳓𐳛𐳢𐳀⹁ 𐳀𐳓𐳓𐳛𐳢 𐳎𐳉𐳢𐳉 𐳉𐳖 𐳚𐳪𐳍𐳛𐳇𐳦𐳀𐳙 𐳋𐳤 𐳖𐳁𐳦𐳛𐳍𐳀𐳤𐳇 𐳘𐳉𐳍 𐳓𐳞𐳮𐳉𐳦𐳓𐳉𐳯𐳟 𐳆𐳀𐳦𐳁𐳙𐳓 𐳉𐳖𐳟𐳀𐳇𐳁𐳤𐳁𐳦⹁ 𐳀 𐳓𐳞𐳮𐳉𐳦𐳓𐳉𐳯𐳟 𐳋𐳖𐳟 𐳦𐳞𐳢𐳦𐳋𐳙𐳉𐳖𐳘𐳐 𐳓𐳐𐳁𐳖𐳖𐳐𐳦𐳀𐳤𐳪𐳙𐳓⹁ 𐳮𐳀𐳎 𐳋𐳠𐳠𐳉𐳙 𐳉𐳖 𐳐𐳤 𐳍𐳛𐳙𐳇𐳛𐳖𐳓𐳛𐳇𐳏𐳀𐳦𐳥 𐳀𐳯𐳛𐳙⹁ 𐳏𐳛𐳎 𐳢𐳋𐳥𐳉𐳤𐳉 𐳖𐳉𐳎𐳋𐳖 𐳘𐳐𐳙𐳇𐳉𐳙𐳙𐳉𐳓.

𐲖𐳁𐳤𐳇 𐳀𐳖𐳁𐳂𐳂 𐳀 𐳓𐳞𐳯𐳉𐳖𐳉𐳙𐳇𐳟 𐳉𐳤𐳘𐳋𐳚𐳉𐳐𐳙𐳓𐳉𐳦:

(𐳐. 𐳥. 𐳻‍𐳾𐳾𐳾𐳾𐳾𐳺𐳺) Wirral Viking Festival

𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲘𐲁𐲒𐲪𐲤 𐳼𐳼𐳻. (𐳥𐳛𐳘𐳂𐳀𐳦𐳛𐳙) – 𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲘𐲁𐲒𐲪𐲤 𐳼𐳼𐳻𐳺. (𐳮𐳀𐳤𐳁𐳢𐳙𐳀𐳠)
𐲏𐳉𐳗: Leasowe Castle, Wallasey, Wirral
𐲐𐳢𐳁𐳚𐳑𐳦𐳜𐳥𐳁𐳘: CH46 3RF

(𐳐. 𐳥. 𐳿𐳽𐳼𐳻𐳺) Battle Mediaeval Fayre

𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲘𐲁𐲒𐲪𐲤 𐳼𐳼𐳻𐳺. (𐳮𐳀𐳤𐳁𐳢𐳙𐳀𐳠) – 𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲘𐲁𐲒𐲪𐲤 𐳼𐳼𐳻𐳺𐳺. (𐳏𐳋𐳦𐳌𐳟)
𐲏𐳉𐳗: Battle Abbey Green, Sussex
𐲐𐳢𐳁𐳚𐳑𐳦𐳜𐳥𐳁𐳘: TN33 0EN

Havelok’s Kingdom

𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲘𐲁𐲒𐲪𐲤 𐳼𐳼𐳻𐳺𐳺𐳺. (𐳓𐳉𐳇𐳇)
𐲏𐳉𐳗: Grimsby, Lincolnshire
𐲐𐳢𐳁𐳚𐳑𐳦𐳜𐳥𐳁𐳘: DN31 1ED

(𐳐. 𐳥. 𐳻‍𐳾𐳾𐳾𐳾𐳾𐳽) United Kingdom Games Expo

𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲘𐲁𐲒𐲪𐲤 𐳼𐳼𐳼𐳺. (𐳠𐳋𐳙𐳦𐳉𐳓) – 𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲒𐲫𐲙𐲐𐲪𐲤 𐳺𐳺. (𐳮𐳀𐳤𐳁𐳢𐳙𐳀𐳠)
𐲏𐳉𐳗: The NEC, Birmingham
𐲐𐳢𐳁𐳚𐳑𐳦𐳜𐳥𐳁𐳘: B40 1NT

Grim and Havelok Statue Unveiling

𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲒𐲫𐲙𐲐𐲪𐲤 𐳺. (𐳥𐳛𐳘𐳂𐳀𐳦𐳛𐳙)
𐲏𐳉𐳗: Grimsby, Lincolnshire
𐲐𐳢𐳁𐳚𐳑𐳦𐳜𐳥𐳁𐳘: DN31 1UZ

(𐳐. 𐳥. 𐳿) Wigston

𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲒𐲫𐲙𐲐𐲪𐲤 𐳺. (𐳥𐳛𐳘𐳂𐳀𐳦𐳛𐳙)
𐲏𐳉𐳗: Wigston, Leicester
𐲐𐳢𐳁𐳚𐳑𐳦𐳜𐳥𐳁𐳘: LE18 2AN

Skeggir’s Heim

𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲒𐲫𐲙𐲐𐲪𐲤 𐳻𐳺𐳺𐳺. (𐳥𐳛𐳘𐳂𐳀𐳦𐳛𐳙) – 𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲒𐲫𐲙𐲐𐲪𐲤 𐳻𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. (𐳮𐳀𐳤𐳁𐳢𐳙𐳀𐳠)
𐲏𐳉𐳗: Skegness, Lincolnshire
𐲐𐳢𐳁𐳚𐳑𐳦𐳜𐳥𐳁𐳘: PE25 2HF

(𐳐. 𐳥. 𐳻‍𐳾𐳾𐳾𐳾𐳾) Wingdings County Cub Camp

𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲒𐲫𐲙𐲐𐲪𐲤 𐳼𐳻. (𐳥𐳛𐳘𐳂𐳀𐳦𐳛𐳙)
𐲏𐳉𐳗: Tawd Vale Campsite, Burscough, Lancashire
𐲐𐳢𐳁𐳚𐳑𐳦𐳜𐳥𐳁𐳘: L40 5UL

(𐳐. 𐳥. 𐳿𐳽) Sherwood Woodland Festival

𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲒𐲫𐲙𐲐𐲪𐲤 𐳼𐳻. (𐳥𐳛𐳘𐳂𐳀𐳦𐳛𐳙) – 𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲒𐲫𐲙𐲐𐲪𐲤 𐳼𐳻𐳺. (𐳮𐳀𐳤𐳁𐳢𐳙𐳀𐳠)
𐲏𐳉𐳗: Thoresby Park, Nottinghamshire
𐲐𐳢𐳁𐳚𐳑𐳦𐳜𐳥𐳁𐳘: NG22 9EP

(𐳐. 𐳥. 𐳿𐳼𐳼) History in the Park

𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲒𐲫𐲙𐲐𐲪𐲤 𐳼𐳼𐳺. (𐳠𐳋𐳙𐳦𐳉𐳓) – 𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲒𐲫𐲙𐲐𐲪𐲤 𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺. (𐳮𐳀𐳤𐳁𐳢𐳙𐳀𐳠)
𐲏𐳉𐳗: Craigtoun Country Park, St Andrews, Fife
𐲐𐳢𐳁𐳚𐳑𐳦𐳜𐳥𐳁𐳘: KY16 8NX

Cleethorpes Carnival

𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲒𐲫𐲙𐲐𐲪𐲤 𐳼𐳼𐳻𐳺𐳺𐳺. (𐳠𐳋𐳙𐳦𐳉𐳓)
𐲏𐳉𐳗: Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire

(𐳐. 𐳥. 𐳿𐳽𐳼𐳻𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺) Wallingford Charter Bell Celebrations

𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲒𐲫𐲖𐲐𐲪𐲤 𐳻𐳺. (𐳥𐳛𐳘𐳂𐳀𐳦𐳛𐳙)
𐲏𐳉𐳗: Wallingford, Royal Berkshire
𐲐𐳢𐳁𐳚𐳑𐳦𐳜𐳥𐳁𐳘: OX10 0EG

Tetney Fest

𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲒𐲫𐲖𐲐𐲪𐲤 𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺. (𐳥𐳛𐳘𐳂𐳀𐳦𐳛𐳙)
𐲏𐳉𐳗: Tetney, Lincolnshire
𐲐𐳢𐳁𐳚𐳑𐳦𐳜𐳥𐳁𐳘: DN36 5NQ

(𐳐. 𐳥. 𐳻‍𐳾𐳾𐳾𐳾𐳾𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺) Accession of Æthelstan

𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲒𐲫𐲖𐲐𐲪𐲤 𐳼𐳼. (𐳥𐳛𐳘𐳂𐳀𐳦𐳛𐳙) – 𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲒𐲫𐲖𐲐𐲪𐲤 𐳼𐳼𐳺. (𐳮𐳀𐳤𐳁𐳢𐳙𐳀𐳠)
𐲏𐳉𐳗: Malmesbury, Wiltshire
𐲐𐳢𐳁𐳚𐳑𐳦𐳜𐳥𐳁𐳘: SN16 9AL

(𐳐. 𐳥. 𐳻‍𐳾𐳾𐳾𐳾𐳾𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺) Viking Ship at Tamworth

𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲒𐲫𐲖𐲐𐲪𐲤 𐳼𐳼𐳻𐳺𐳺. (𐳥𐳛𐳘𐳂𐳀𐳦𐳛𐳙) – 𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲒𐲫𐲖𐲐𐲪𐲤 𐳼𐳼𐳻𐳺𐳺𐳺. (𐳮𐳀𐳤𐳁𐳢𐳙𐳀𐳠)
𐲏𐳉𐳗: Tamworth, Staffordshire

(𐳐. 𐳥. 𐳻‍𐳾𐳾𐳾𐳾𐳽𐳼𐳼𐳻𐳺𐳺) St Neot’s Museum

𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲒𐲫𐲖𐲐𐲪𐲤 𐳼𐳼𐳻𐳺𐳺. (𐳥𐳛𐳘𐳂𐳀𐳦𐳛𐳙)
𐲏𐳉𐳗: St Neots, Cambridgeshire
𐲐𐳢𐳁𐳚𐳑𐳦𐳜𐳥𐳁𐳘: PE19 1AE

(𐳐. 𐳥. 𐳻‍𐳾𐳾𐳾𐳾) Mugstock

𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲀𐲪𐲍𐲪𐲥𐲦𐲪𐲤 𐳺𐳺. (𐳠𐳋𐳙𐳦𐳉𐳓) – 𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲀𐲪𐲍𐲪𐲥𐲦𐲪𐲤 𐳻. (𐳏𐳋𐳦𐳌𐳟)
𐲏𐳉𐳗: Strathallan Castle, Auchterarder , Perthshire
𐲐𐳢𐳁𐳚𐳑𐳦𐳜𐳥𐳁𐳘: PH3 1JZ

(𐳐. 𐳥. 𐳿𐳾𐳾𐳽𐳼𐳻) Battle of Evesham

𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲀𐲪𐲍𐲪𐲥𐲦𐲪𐲤 𐳺𐳺𐳺. (𐳥𐳛𐳘𐳂𐳀𐳦𐳛𐳙) – 𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲀𐲪𐲍𐲪𐲥𐲦𐲪𐲤 𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. (𐳮𐳀𐳤𐳁𐳢𐳙𐳀𐳠)
𐲏𐳉𐳗: Crown Meadow, Evesham, Worcestershire
𐲐𐳢𐳁𐳚𐳑𐳦𐳜𐳥𐳁𐳘: WR11 4SS

New Waltham Fest

𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲀𐲪𐲍𐲪𐲥𐲦𐲪𐲤 𐳺𐳺𐳺. (𐳥𐳛𐳘𐳂𐳀𐳦𐳛𐳙)
𐲏𐳉𐳗: New Waltham, Grimsby, Lincolnshire
𐲐𐳢𐳁𐳚𐳑𐳦𐳜𐳥𐳁𐳘: DN36 4GU

(𐳐. 𐳥. 𐳻‍𐳾𐳾𐳾𐳾𐳾) Wagtail Country Park Charity Fundraiser

𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲀𐲪𐲍𐲪𐲥𐲦𐲪𐲤 𐳺𐳺𐳺. (𐳥𐳛𐳘𐳂𐳀𐳦𐳛𐳙)
𐲏𐳉𐳗: Wagtail Country Park, Grantham, Lincolnshire
𐲐𐳢𐳁𐳚𐳑𐳦𐳜𐳥𐳁𐳘: NG32 2HU

(𐳐. 𐳥. 𐳻‍𐳾𐳾𐳾𐳾𐳾𐳼𐳼𐳼) Cestrefeld Local Show

𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲀𐲪𐲍𐲪𐲥𐲦𐲪𐲤 𐳼𐳻𐳺𐳺𐳺. (𐳮𐳀𐳤𐳁𐳢𐳙𐳀𐳠)
𐲏𐳉𐳗: Hollingwood, Chesterfield, Derbyshire
𐲐𐳢𐳁𐳚𐳑𐳦𐳜𐳥𐳁𐳘: S43

Detling Military Odyssey

𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲀𐲪𐲍𐲪𐲥𐲦𐲪𐲤 𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. (𐳥𐳛𐳘𐳂𐳀𐳦𐳛𐳙) – 𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲀𐲪𐲍𐲪𐲥𐲦𐲪𐲤 𐳼𐳼𐳻𐳺. (𐳏𐳋𐳦𐳌𐳟)
𐲏𐳉𐳗: Detling, Kent
𐲐𐳢𐳁𐳚𐳑𐳦𐳜𐳥𐳁𐳘: ME14 3JF

(𐳐. 𐳥. 𐳿𐳽𐳼𐳼𐳼𐳻𐳺) Bishop’s Stortford Castle Park

𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲥𐲉𐲠𐲦𐲉𐲘𐲂𐲉𐲢 𐳺. (𐳮𐳀𐳤𐳁𐳢𐳙𐳀𐳠)
𐲏𐳉𐳗: Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire
𐲐𐳢𐳁𐳚𐳑𐳦𐳜𐳥𐳁𐳘: CM23 2EL

(𐳐. 𐳥. 𐳻‍𐳾𐳾𐳾𐳾𐳽𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺) Sherwood Thing

𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲥𐲉𐲠𐲦𐲉𐲘𐲂𐲉𐲢 𐳼𐳼𐳻𐳺𐳺𐳺. (𐳥𐳛𐳘𐳂𐳀𐳦𐳛𐳙) – 𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲥𐲉𐲠𐲦𐲉𐲘𐲂𐲉𐲢 𐳼𐳼𐳻𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. (𐳮𐳀𐳤𐳁𐳢𐳙𐳀𐳠)
𐲏𐳉𐳗: Sherwood Pines, Nottinghamshire
𐲐𐳢𐳁𐳚𐳑𐳦𐳜𐳥𐳁𐳘: NG21 9JL

(𐳐. 𐳥. 𐳿𐳾𐳽𐳻𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺) Denny Abbey

𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲥𐲉𐲠𐲦𐲉𐲘𐲂𐲉𐲢 𐳼𐳼𐳻𐳺𐳺𐳺. (𐳥𐳛𐳘𐳂𐳀𐳦𐳛𐳙) – 𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲥𐲉𐲠𐲦𐲉𐲘𐲂𐲉𐲢 𐳼𐳼𐳻𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. (𐳮𐳀𐳤𐳁𐳢𐳙𐳀𐳠)
𐲏𐳉𐳗: Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire
𐲐𐳢𐳁𐳚𐳑𐳦𐳜𐳥𐳁𐳘: CB25 9PQ

(𐳐. 𐳥. 𐳿𐳽𐳼𐳻𐳺) Battle of Hastings

𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲛𐲓𐲦𐲜𐲂𐲉𐲢 𐳼𐳺𐳺. (𐳥𐳛𐳘𐳂𐳀𐳦𐳛𐳙) – 𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐲛𐲓𐲦𐲜𐲂𐲉𐲢 𐳼𐳺𐳺𐳺. (𐳮𐳀𐳤𐳁𐳢𐳙𐳀𐳠)
𐲏𐳉𐳗: Battle Abbey, Sussex
𐲐𐳢𐳁𐳚𐳑𐳦𐳜𐳥𐳁𐳘: TN33 0AE