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Props and Set Dressing

Equipment of a Warrior
Equipment of a Warrior – © Kyle Smith 2016

Much of our work is based around public shows and educational demonstrations. As such, we consider that authenticity is of the highest importance and are extremely cautious regarding the interpretation of styles depicted in manuscript sources. Our research is meticulous and can be relied upon to stand up to the most robust academic scrutiny – whilst bringing life to ancient things and creating images of the dead past without apparent effort.

Boneworked items
Tending a wheatfield – © Robert Eschle 2017

The Society has a very large quantity of what might loosely be referred to as "props". Constructed to the highest standards – and from the correct materials – they include large-scale tents, cooking equipment, pole lathes, wall and braid looms, coin-striking equipment, smithying and a wide range of other museum-quality artefacts too numerous to mention. Given enough lead time, we can build working kilns, charcoal clamps and smelters on location.

Erecting period tent replicas and set dressing them as real-time living spaces is a well-honed activity. Most sets on location can be erected in a working day and struck in about the same length of time. Some forty structures are currently available and most productions can be adequately propped and equipped in house. Properties and costume that are the property of the Society or its members are always transported, erected and struck by members of Regia Anglorum.

Costumed personnel are readily available and are people to whom their kit is not costume but just another form of everyday dress. So they are not self-conscious – nor are the costumes new!

The Vikings, Saxons and Normans are known for the military conquests and heroic tales of fighting. Next, let me show you how we can bring the time of men clad in ringshirts wielding fearsome axes and swords to life in the modern age…

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