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As well as the practical tangible assets we provide, there are other advantages in booking a society experienced with working in the visual media. These are presented below, some as services, others as advantages.

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A falconer
A falconer – © Caroline Williams 2016

Research and Scripting
Researching costume, artefacts or events in our specialist period of interest could not be easier. There is no reason for you to start from scratch or to employ expensive free-lancers: we are soaked in this subject and the small doings of lesser folk and the deeds of the mighty are well known to us. We answer letters, return phone calls and turn in research on time – and if we cannot do something, we will say so!

Because we do a lot of public events, we are used to thinking on our feet and dramatic presentation is no stranger to us. We can even help with scripting and dialogue if required.

There are, of course, areas of expertise which we cannot cover and we have built up a series of reliable people whose high standards of presentation fit in well with our own. These include falconry, street performers, musicians, jesters and fire-breathers. We also have sound and developing contacts with Rare Breeds Societies.

Advantages of Experience

An ealdorman
An ealdorman – © Jeffrey Webb 2017

Internal discipline
There is nothing worse than having to hound a harassed 3AD to pursue unwilling Extras to get to Make Up on time or to allow the technical crew to eat first at lunch. We arrange this kind of discipline from the inside, supplying people who know each other already and are committed to ensuring the best interests of the Production are forwarded. Being late to make up and/or on set is not something we expect of our people.

It cuts both ways and, being professionals, we expect to be treated as such. We have an expectation of three meals a day, to standard, reasonable overnight accommodation, fair expenses and a negotiable fee. But we understand that working at remote locations can make life difficult and we are always prepared to rough it to the same degree as the technical crew…

The Society regularly arranges a wide range of events throughout the UK and in Scandinavia, Poland, Germany and Ireland. We are fully capable of organising and arranging vehicle hire, props acquisition and transport, ferry tickets and similar logistics. Under normal circumstances, people will share vehicles to travel to accommodation and are perfectly prepared to get themselves to location under their own steam. This relieves the demands on unit drivers and is one less thing for the Production Manager to worry about.

Financial Matters

Coin – © Paul Assheton 2017
Winnowing the wheat from the chaff
Winnowing the wheat from the chaff – © Alison Offer 2016

Fees & Expenses
Under all normal circumstances, the Society will charge a one-time Administration Fee for its services as facilitators. This fee is assessed upon how much logistical effort will be involved in working on a particular production.

Payment of fees to our members is dealt with internally. The Society will make a per capita charge and subsequently reimburse the people involved from its own resources. This rate will include basic costume for the task in hand from lowly peasant to a fully equipped warrior. Generally speaking, we make no charge for costume changes and our people are used to being pig herds in the morning and ship-borne fighters after lunch. This does away with any possible difficulties accruing from dealing with individuals on a day-to-day basis. Regia Anglorum will issue clear and detailed invoices in relation to work performed within a few days or so of the completion of that work.

For your interest, we regularly manage single event budgets of between £250 and £28,000 and production budgets of over £50,000. We are registered for VAT and our number is 570 091 556. Any quotation is exclusive of that tax.

Some large props – such as the ship replicas – have their own sliding scale of charges dependent on use, location and the length of hire. Other smaller props can be dealt with from within a single props budget that will be agreed in advance of the work. This budget will then be dealt with internally to pay the various owners of the props for the use of their equipment.

All properties that are owned by the Society or its members will always be transported, erected and struck by members of Regia Anglorum acting upon the reasonable instructions of the production staff.

Legal Matters

A manuscript
A manuscript – © Caroline Williams 2013

The copyright of the performances of its members involved in film work is usually vested in the Society. As such, Regia Anglorum will issue a single Copyright Performance Agreement in respect of all the appearances by its members, which meets – and often exceeds – the needs of the most stringent legal departments. Copyright is then vested in the Production Company as "producers of the first fixation" upon completion of payment.

The Society has its own Public Liability cover, but we would not expect this insurance to be On Risk during any work that we are doing for a production company. We would expect to be covered by the unit insurance, as is common practice.

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