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Hand-to-Hand Combat

A ferocious axeman
A ferocious axeman – © Mike South 2017
A fast-paced skirmish
A fast-paced skirmish – © Mike South 2016

Regia also specialises in combat re-enactment and frequently organises battles that closely follow real action with cutting edge weapons. We understand the difference between a general master shot of a battle and the many cutaways and close ups that are required to be edited together to produce the few moments of screen time that will be both memorable and definitive.

Our experienced fighters can arrange routines and fight sequences that are repeatable for continuity and POV changes whilst not causing a professional fight director to turn their face away in horror! We think safety is important and in the many, many productions with which we've been involved, I cannot remember more than a sprained ankle from running too enthusiastically down the face of a sand dune. Damaged personnel make for expensive retakes.


An archer looses an arrow
An archer looses an arrow – © Lauren Roberts 2016

Many members of the Society can shoot and own their own bows. We can arrange specialist trick shooting or SXF fire arrows that will stay alight in flight. This comes from our extensive event experience where it is customary for us to use fire arrows to fire ship burnings in circumstances where pyro back up is not feasible.

We have performed evening features of this kind in York for many years for the Jorvik Viking Centre. Additionally, we have executed them at the Gateshead Garden Festival, off the coasts of Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Operating entirely without SFX or pyro back up, we have never yet failed to set afire any of our twenty-six burnings!

Of course, every noble could ride and we are able to provide a number of riders and even horses for your production. Let's continue…

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