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Regia at all times reserves the Intellectual Property rights of its members. This means that no photograph, digital image or recording of any kind may be made of our members whilst they are at events or working in media presentations. As they members of Regia Anglorum, any event that the Society is organising is subject to contract and the IP rights of our members are bound within the terms of that contract. That said, we have no objection whatever to ordinary people making a record of their day out for their own private use – indeed, we welcome it. What we most vehemently object to is so called professional photographers taking photos of us at an event and then attempting to profit from those images. If in doubt, please ask.


All images and text used on this website are the property of Regia Anglorum unless otherwise indicated when the copyright is vested in the originator of the work. That said, we are perfectly content if anyone wants to use an image for personal use – like PC wallpaper, for instance. School, college and university projects are accepted as none profit making and a simple request for use in that context will almost always be cheerfully granted.

All the images displayed here have been changed and optimised for use on the internet and the quality of any image should not be taken as that of the original. Where an image is required for a commercial purpose, we will need to talk to you about that use. Normally, financial arrangements can be made but there are some types of publication we will not support and all requests will be looked at upon their individual merits.

Our copyright Terms and Conditions are available upon request.

Terms of Use

The content of this website is for information, interest and to showcase the vast range of society activities. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information is accurate and up-to-date, this cannot be totally guaranteed. The links to other websites (including those of Regia's local groups) have been provided in good faith but Regia Anglorum has no responsibility for, nor has it any control over, their content and the society does not necessarily endorse any views expressed therein.

Privacy Policy

Regia Anglorum is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. If you provide us with your name, email address or other details it will only be used by the society for the purpose of acting upon your inquiry, comment or the information you provide. It will not be shared with third party organisations outside the society. A record may be kept of your inquiry, suggestion or comment and used to make improvements to our organisation or the information that we publish.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files that your browser stores on your computer. We do not use cookies for any purpose.


Bandwidth theft will not be tolerated in any circumstances and we take the view that Hotlinking any image on this site is theft and an infringement of our copyright. Please remember that Bandwidth theft shows up in this websites statistics and is both illegal and contrary to the TOS/AUP of all responsible service providers. We will have no hesitation in taking appropriate legal action against any party or parties found stealing from us.

If you should be in any doubt regarding the terms bandwidth theft and hotlinking, we suggest that you search the terms in Google or any other search engine of your choice.

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