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“A Breath of the Past into the Breathing Present”

Child in helmet
Trying out some wargear – © Mike South 2017

So said the Roman commentator Horace when alluding to the unheard voices of those who have gone before us. We attempt to bring alive the dead past so that those voices may be heard across the thirty generations that separate us from that distant time. This short article will tell you more about us and the wide range of our activities.

If you have never worked with a re-enactment society before, you might be wary of employing a bunch of volunteer amateurs who sound great but will they actually deliver? I can supply you with a contact list of happy customers going back over twelve years. Indeed, many of our employers offer us repeat work year after year after year.


Regia Anglorum is a society founded to accurately re-create the life of the folk of the Viking Age, as it was lived in the one hundred years before AD1066. Naturally, our aim is largely concentrated on the effects that the Viking raids had on the British Isles, but we don't ignore parallels on the near continent. Whilst the Vikings are the attention grabber, our efforts are very much aimed at portraying a balanced image of life as it was lived around a thousand years ago.

*Jorvik Viking Festival
The audience at York listens to the Bishop bless and inspire the Saxon troops to drive out the Viking invaders. Not that they always carry out his wishes as he would want.
Regia Anglorum has been performing the event at York for over twenty years. Although February can be a somewhat unsavoury month for an event like this, the large size of the international crowd always surprises us.

Now let me show about the resources we can provide for your event…

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