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Hand-to-Hand Combat

Mêlée – © Lauren Roberts 2017
Attacking a palisade
Attacking a palisade – © Mike South 2016

Regia also specialises in combat re-enactment, the same stringent rules regarding authenticity being supplemented by on-going weapons training and inspections. We can organise a battle that closely follows what may be known of a historical encounter, or enact – rather than re-enact – a military confrontation that re-creates the general feel of a combat from the Viking Centuries. We would expect to liaise with a client closely in this respect, but are perfectly capable of doing all necessary research in-house to the highest standards of historical accuracy if required.


Archery display
Archery display – © Rich Price 2013
An archer – © Jennifer Peters 2016

One of our standard presentations is an archery contest. From our own resources, we can supply fully-equipped male and female archers, a range of interesting targets and backstop netting.

If circumstances permit, we can also deploy archery onto the battlefield. This will always be done by archers trained to a sufficient enough level to perform safely.

Boat-burning Ceremonies

Boat-burning at York
A boat-burning at York – © Regia Anglorum 1999

We have performed evening features of this kind in York for many years for the Jorvik Viking Centre. Additionally, we have executed them at a number of land-based sites, off the coasts of Wales and Scotland and in Ireland. Our preferred method of ignition is by means of fire arrows and this has never failed to ignite the pyre at any of our twenty-plus shipburnings. This romantic and movingly narrated performance is often followed by a firework display and such a spectacle provides a fitting and memorable end to an event.

Of course, every noble could ride and we are able to provide a number of riders and even horses for your production. Follow me, to let you show more about this…

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