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Planning an event or educational display set in the early Middle Ages? We can help you! Click on any of the items below or let me lead you on a tour of what we do, of how we won the best Living History display in the Detling multi-period event in August 2014, and what we can offer you.

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“As the murmur of ten thousand bees…”
A lordly archbishop and humble monk A busy Living History Exhibit Sir Adrian of Saltwood, Lord de Bec, in his armour

Regia Anglorum has a full-time national officer who is specially responsible for booking events. This officer is normally available during standard business hours 09:00 to 18:00 to respond to your inquiries, attend meetings etc.

Accessible, most conveniently, via e-mail at booking@regia.org (send e-mail), this will frequently get a fast response. The postal address is below and the telephone number is available from any directory service.

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