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Regia Anglorum – Basic Clothing Guide

Ranks and Colour Classifications

Lowest Rank

Saxon Viking Norman Welsh
Theow Thrall/Ambatt Serfs Caeth
Gebur Frjals/Gjafar Villeins Aillt

Middle Rank

Cheap colours:

For slightly richer members of this rank, slightly more expensive colours:

Saxon Viking Norman Welsh
Kotsetla   Cottars Wealthy Aillt
Geneat Bondi/ Karl Freeholders  

High Rank

More expensive cloth and imported colours:

Saxon Viking Norman Welsh
Eorl Jarl Comes  
Eolderman/Scirgerufa Landsmen/Gaethingar/Styraesmen Baron  
Thegn/Priest Odalsbondi/Hauld Miles/Priest Uchelwr/Breyr

High Clergy and Royalty

Most expensive colours:

Saxon Viking Norman Welsh
King King King  
Ætheling/Biscop   Dux/Bishop Rhi/Teyrn

For more information can be found on the dyes page.