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Further information

If you would like to hire our boats and crew for an event, more information can be found:

If you want to try your hand at rowing a Viking longship, new members are always welcome. Please see the Joining Us section for more information.

Find out more about Viking ships

More information about early mediaeval boats can be found on the following pages:

Building our ships

The Bear, our flagship, was built by David Winspear of Whitby, a shipwright who specialises in the clinker construction method that was used by the Vikings.

The <i>Bear</i>
The newly built Bear ©David Winspear

The Rat, was built by David Winspear of Whitby too. It was originally named the Raven.

The <i>Raven</i> The <i>Raven</i>
The newly built Raven, and yes, that is the shipwright himself showing off his handiwork ©David Winspear

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