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The Estate of Wichamstow

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Welcome to the estate of Wichamstow in England. You can jump to places in the area by using the mouse over the images
Wichamstow - click to the map to explore The village of Wichamstow Linstede - the farm The estate of Drengham The Normans The Welsh St. Alfheah's Church Acmylen - the mill Swinwudu - The wood The Saxons Thorvald the Scop - Story teller The quayside St. Werberg's Mynster

Come back with us across a thousand years and visit the estate of Wichamstow. There are many places to visit where you may find out more about life in this far off time.

Visit the village of Wichamstow, and find out about the everyday activities of its inhabitants, or perhaps listen to a tale from Ðorvald ðe scop (storyteller). Take a trip along the herepað to the Manor of Drengham, and find about the eorl Godwin's duties of law and order and military obligation, or the pastimes he indulged in. Travel further along the herepað and go to war with eorl Godwin and his fyrdsmen.

Travel the wealdweg toSwinwudu, where you might see much of the flora and fauna of the Old English countryside, or perhaps meet Ælfric ðe colwyrhta (charcoal burner) going about his work. Travel far enough along the wealdweg and you may eventually reach the British kingdoms of Wealasland, or perhaps other settlements inhabited by other Anglo-Saxons.

From the village you may wish to visit Leofmar the miller in his mill at Acmylen, and then perhaps cross Godabrycg and visit Abbot Wilfred at St. Werburg's Mynster, or carry on north along Langstræt where you will find yourself back in your own century with Regia Anglorum. Travelling south down Langstræt you will pass Dunstan's farm at Linstede and on to places where you may find out more about the life and times of these people.

In the village you may wish to visit father Ælfstan at St. Alfheah's church, or perhaps travel to the quayside at ealden horswael pol. From there you may wish to take a ship along fisclacu, and then overseas to the lands of the Vikings and Normans or perhaps beyond. Leave the village along Ægelesweg, past the old hill fort at Ealdburg, past the old burial mounds at Hlawdun and on until you reach a point where you you can find out more about becoming a part of all this with Regia Anglorum.

The Estate of Wichamstow only exists on the web - however, we are currently constructing our own real estate of Wychurst in Kent, England... follow the link for more details.

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