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Linstede - Dunstan's Farm

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Linstede farm is quite a prosperous establishment. They've been farming here for the last 350 years
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Like most other farms in Anglo-Saxon England, Linstede consists of a hall and outbuildings, surrounded by fields and pastures. This is one of the larger farms on the estate, with 5½ hides of land. Dunstan owns the farm, and does not owe eorl Godwin any service in respect of labour as some of the less well off farmers on the estate do. However, he still must pay ground rent and one pig a year to the eorl, as well as his church dues and alms. He is also expected to perform carrying duties, help build and maintain fences and fortifications, and sundry other duties. He must also provide a soldier for the fyrd when commanded. To help him manage his farm, Dunstan has several lesser ceorls and three slaves.

Linstede is mainly an arable farm, although Dunstan owns a few sheep, goats, cows and pigs to provide meat, milk and wool. Excess produce from the farm is taken to the market in the village, or sold to the merchants who are often to be found at the quayside.

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