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St. Werburg's Mynster

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The large Benedictine complex of St. Werburg's
*Saxon Monastery

The Benedictine monasteries and nunneries were an important part of Viking Age Britain. These complexes were divided into many areas each with a different function.

The Monastic Church
It was here that the monks and nuns gathered for prayer eight times a day.
Chapter House
This was the formal meeting place for the monks.
Next to the chapter house was the warming-room (later called a parlour), used as a sort of common room.
It was here that the monks came to read and think, and prepared to meet God in the church.
This was a store house for food and drink.
This is where the monks lived, sometimes called the dormtory.
The monks' meals were prepared here.
This was the monks' dining room.
This served as a hospital for old and sick monks.
Books and manuscripts were produced here.
Abbot's quarters
This was the part of the dortor where the abbot lived.
Monastery garden
Here the monks grew many of the vegetables and herbs they needed for food and medicine.
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