Embroidery Rondels/Blazons

These Illustatrations by Liz Daborn show examples of Saxon and Viking Rondel embroidery designs suitable for embroideries for court clothes as worn by the highest classes of English society around the 10th Century.

Sheet 1
Blazons sheet 1
1) Hungry Squashed Dog Thing 2) Squashed Dog Thing
3) Dragon Thing 4) Winged thing (escaped from Bayeux)
5) Horse Thing 6) Dog Thing again
Sheet 2
Blazons sheet 2
7) Psycho Thing 8) Another Dog Thing
9) Mutant Thing 10) Weasal Thing
11) Yet Another Dog Thing 12) Bird/Eagle Thing

Last updated on 6 Dec 2006.
© Regia Anglorum MCMLXXXVI – MMXVIII
Compiled by Liz Da'Born, 2004.