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Stig Lockett

Stig Montage

Today we bid farewell to one of our dear members. Stig Lockett.

Stig was one of the finest shield framers in the society. Those that carried his craftsmanship carried with them a shield that bore incredible hallmarks of an English artisan. Knotwork on leather around rivets, individually copper inlaid iron nail heads, meticulous stitching and even bone or antler flourishes here and there. Stig’s work was close to some of the finest shieldwork since the period itself. Through his pride and joy of construction he would often never let you pay for his time. It was a joy for him to construct.

Stig was a warrior, an archer, a bard and indeed a bawd. A fighter of great speed and ferocity that one could easily see him on a real battlefield a thousand years ago. Tenacious and warhound like, his strength with the spear and javelin were immense.

Stig was a lover of the ancient tales of the Ulster Cycle, the Mabinogion and Beowulf. For him, re-enactment was as much a connection to his forebears as it was his friends and the chance to express his immense talent and skill with bonecraft.

Today we say goodbye to a man who was a fighter, a framer, a man of great laughter and cheer, a coal miner, a biker, a stubborn ox in a field, and a man who so truly bought alive the past. We say thank you to Stig, and as he passes on to the next world, we say,

Wæs þu hæl. May peace find you in the next forest Stig Lockett.”

Mike Everest