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Line commands

Command Englisc Norman Norse
Form line, await command Abeedeth bedod, the witcheth rehwee Ah-lee-ay Bida
Attention (Stand and listen to your commanding officer) Awhiccan Ecouter Gaumr
Open Order (Come to attention, pick up your weapon and rest it on your shoulder) Standed fottes brod Preh-nay-es-tahl Opna fylking
Close Order (From the attention position, draw weapons) Neemeth weapona Ah-doh-bay Langr
Dress/trim the line left (Fill in the gaps to the left) Trimeth on wintren Estroy-tay ir gorsh
Dress/trim the line right (Fill in the gaps to the right) Trimeth on swithren Estroy-tay ir droyt Skipa fylkingina
Draw Weapon (Prepare to engage the enemy and cry HA!) Rearath weapona Pendray les arms Hefja hervapn
Advance Forward (Starting on the left foot advancing towards the enemy) Gangeth forth Treye-say vair Fram!
Ganga fram
Advance into battle at a walk (Maintain a steady line and clash weapons on shields) On raes on reseth Meh-tay on bandon Fram bardagi
Advance into battle at a trot (Maintain a steady line move up to and/or through the enemy line) Rinneth, gangeth forth on yewin Lie-say coh-reh Fram vidreign
Await orders, take one pace forward and step and step (Prepare for Battle) Abeedeth bedod forth ahne foot steppan Preparez vous pour
Fram einn stiga
Stand Firm (Lock shields and brace. Defensive or offensive) Stedefast Doh-nay es-tahl Standa Brimsker
Shield Wall (Close Shields together and interlock round shields) Scild burh Em-brah-see-ay Skjaldborg
About turn - (Wheel to the left so your shield faces the enemy) Wendeth on back Tourn-ay ir gorsh Vestra hringr
Left Turn On winstren wendeth Prendrey ir gorsh Vestra snua
Right Turn On swithren wendeth Prendrey ir droyt Rettr Ssua
Retreat (Fall back facing the enemy line) Gangeth on back Reh-tay Aptra
Sit down Sitteth ah doon Ass-ay-ay Sitja
Quiet Stille Carm-ay Thegya
Hurry Estet Press-ay Skindra
Fallout Tofayreth Romp-ay Aptra hrokkva
Stop Astandeth Arretter Stand
Assemble/Rally (Form a single line facing the commanding officer) Filkieth on drahken Assanlez atour del gonfanon Ping snua drottinn