The Regia Armorial

Warriors in the Angevin period started to use heraldry on their shield to distinguish themselves. When portraying these very late datelines, look out for the below. These are designs approved by the authenticity team for being suitable to the period – but the names chosen do not necessarily refer to the historical name for the arms used.

Note that the designs listed below grace the warriors shield, surcoats were occasionally used by the richer knights, but seldom were they of the same colours or design as the shield.

The List

Name Arms Representation Portrayed by
Sir Godfrey de Tyldesley. Argent, a chevron gules, between three mounts vert, two and one. Arms Image Becka Griffiths
Sir Tancred Hervé. Sable, a lion rampant orm a cross pomme of the field in fess point. Arms Image Elliot Aish
Sir Beren ap Llewellyn of the order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem. Argent, a cross vert. Arms Image Tim Benfield
Sir Reynald FitzRichard de Piceham. “The Bull of Sussex” Sable, a bull's head caboshed gules, acorné argent, oeillé sanguine. Arms Image Adam Price
Sir Robert de Vere, Earl of Oxford. Quarterly gules and or, in the first a mullet argent. Arms Image Stu Makin
Sir John FitzTalbot Warden of The North; Guardian of the people of the County Palatine of Durham; Protector of the holy places of Cuthbert and Bede. “The Old Wolf” Gules, a wolf courant sinister argent. Arms Image Jon Smith
The Baron, Sir Adrian de Saltwood. Bodyguard to M. Le Comte de Bec Quarterly azure and or. Arms Image Adrian Pinn
Sir John le Strange of Salop Or, a cross sable. Arms Image Tom Robinson
Herbert d'Eyvill, King's Serjeant Bendy or and sable. Arms Image Malcolm Butler
Sir Odo de Keith Quarterly gules and sable, a mullet argent. Arms Image Caillin Campsie
Sir Robert de Sutton Or, a lion rampant vert, double queued, armed and langued gules. Arms Image Ben Davis
Sir Fulk fitzWarin Quarterly per fess indented argent and gules, a label of three points azure. Arms Image Daniel Davies
Hugh FitzRobert de Vere esquire, the Lord Vere Quarterly gules, a mullet argent in the first, or, a label of three points azure. Arms Image Nick Buchan
Sir Peter de Bermingham Gules, a long cross azure. Arms Image Ste Large
Sir Richard de Bramale. Baron of Stockport and Nantwich; Sheriff of the County Palatine of Chester. Azure, a chevron argent. Arms Image Paul Waddington
Sir Nigel FitzAmias Gules, three pallets sable. Arms Image Nigel Amos
Sir David de Taillebois “The Bear” Party per pale gules and or, a bear rampant sable, langued gules. Arms Image David Noblett
Sir John de Milton Quarterly azure and or. Arms Image Bryn Halliday
Sir Stephen de Morten Or, per fesse three closets gules. Arms Image Steve Banks
Sir Edward de Maryat. Baron of Clitheroe and Lonsdale; Kings Champion. Party per pale gules and or, a wyvern rampant sable. Arms Image Ted Jones
The Baron, Sir Geoffrey de Vey, bodyguard to Hugh de Wells, Bishop of Lincoln. Argent, a chevron gules between three torteaux of the same. Arms Image Trevor Watson
Sir Brian Malmain. Castellan of Shrewsbury Castle Gules, three hands sinister appaumé argent. Arms Image Edmund Kendall
Sir Alain, Earl Grantanbrycg, Warden of the Shrewsbury Marches “Longspear”. Party per pale and per chevron, counterchanged gules and sable, within a bordure counterchanged of the same. Arms Image Allen Moseley
Sir Gregoire de Briouze Per pale gules and azure, a garb or. Arms Image Greg Jones
Sir James de Saltwood Azure, a long cross patty or. Arms Image Alex Warren
Luc fitzConan, Serjeant to the Count de Bec Quarterly azure and or. Arms Image Luke Parfett
Sir Ardwyn ap Morgan de Avene, Ardwyn ap Morgan ap Cynan, Arglwydd Afan Wallia Or, a pile cotised vert, three trefoils slipped, two and one, countercoloured. Arms Image Hannah Lawson

Over the years many have retired from fighting in tournaments, if you want to see the former designs, click here.

Name Arms Representation Portrayed by
Sir Robert FitzDavid Gules, a fess argent. Arms Image Stuart Davies
Sir Tancred le Haut “The Tall of Nottingham” Gules. Arms Image Kristyan White
Sir Tancred de Lincoln High Reeve to the Bishop of Lincoln Chequy azure and or, per fesse gules a boar statant or sinister, queue nowed. Arms Image Dan Auckland
Don Alfredo Camacho y Plaza de Toledo Azure, on chief bastillé gules, two mullets of eight points or, dexter and sinister. Arms Image Al Camacho
Sir Thomas de Houghton Barry of seven sable and argent. Arms Image Pete Houghton
Sir Laurent d'Oiselay Gules, a bend indented or. Arms Image Lauren Makin
Sir Gryffydd ap Ioan Seneschal of Deheubarth, “Tanlladwyr” (Bright Killer). Party per bend gules, a mullet of 6 points argent, vert. Arms Image Mike Harris
Sir Madog ap Gruffydd Maelor, Tywysog Powys Fadog (Prince of Powys Fadog). Argent, a lion rampant sable, armed and langued gules. Arms Image Rob Thomas