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Insurance Matters

Regia Anglorum has an unusually wide range of insurance covers. We make a specific statement about what we do to our broker, he has acted upon this and this is the basis of our cover. It is written for us specifically and has a wide range of issues covered. For instance, Wychurst raises all sorts of issues and every year, when renewing, we re-consider each aspect of what we do there.

Third Party Liability Insurance is to specifically ensure that both the society and its members as individuals are covered to the tune of £5,000,000 against claims from members of the public whilst attending one of our events. One thing that is not covered is having non-members on the field or LHE with us at one of our events and – likewise – our members are not covered at a show arranged by another group unless that group accepts them under their TPL cover.

Marine insurance is very specific and we take it up at need. The ships when they are in store at Wychurst are insured on a partial basis to keep the costs down and it is based upon paying for repair materials but not labour.

The Longhall is insured as a structure and the contents separately. Uncompleted buildings are not covered.

Employer’s Liability Insurance Cover (ELI)

One might take the view that in a voluntary society, there is no Master/Servant relationship, but under the rule of uberrimae fidei (utmost good faith) I feel that one may exist in some circumstances.

This is especially true in Regia where getting heavy great tent planks off a roofrack and setting it up often requires casual assistance. ’Ere Fred, give us a hand, grab the other end of this plank. Fred, being as helpful as we all are, complies, thus establishing a master/servant relationship in that task. The plank gets away from them and falls on Fred's foot, putting him in hospital and leaving him with a permanent limp. Easy done. And that is why we have employers' liability insurance cover.

By having ELI, we are covered and our members have the back up to get compensation that otherwise would be impossible as Regia is an unincorporated association and legal action would be expensive.