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New Members’ Handbook

Appendix A: Glossary and Abbreviations

AO Authenticity Officer - Responsible for authenticity of the society - covering all aspects.
BFS Battlefield Safe Test - The MTO (or one of his deputies) must have checked you with any weapon that you take onto the battlefield. At your first show you should present yourself to the appropriate person and say that you need a BFS. They will then tell you when to see them. This test is simple and is intended to prove you are safe to go on the field. If you do not pass this test then you will be asked not to take the field.
Black Shield A junior combatant (under 18) must always carry a black-faced shield into combat. No other society member may carry a completely black-faced shield. Please be careful with Black Shields - they are not an easy target - and should be treated with care and respect.
Chronicle Roughly quarterly journal of the society with event information and articles
Clamavi Occasional interim newsletter with event information
CoL Code of Law - The constitution and rules of the the Society. You will need to have read at least the important parts of this before signing up for the society.
EcclO Ecclesiastical Officer - Responsible for all matters to do with the church
Eolder The society leader - usually the business manager.
FAC First Aid Coordinator - Responsible for coordinating first aiders both for the LHE and the battlefield - and for progressing any accident reports.
GL Group Leader - The leader of a local group.
HW High Witan - The collection of society officers and group leaders who meet at least twice a year to discuss policies and issues within the society.
HWBM High Witan Business Meeting - The first HW meeting of the year where the society's Business is discussed.
Land Grant The area of a groups influence - where they may perform local shows and recruit members. All new members will join the group that covers their base location - however members may change groups if desired.
LHE Living History Exhibit - Living History Exhibit (the village display)
LHEC Living History Exhibit Coordinator - Responsible for the look and authenticity of the LHE.
MaA Master-at-Arms - Responsible for the authentic and safety of construction of arms and armour.
MarO Maritime Officer - Responsible for maintenance and use of the societies vessels.
MTO National Military Training Officer - Responsible for the safe use of arms and armour
NBTP National Battlefield and Training Policy - The rules and regulations covering military displays within the society.
O/d Officer of the Day - Normally the GL of the group whose land grant the show is in - and is the person responsible for all non display aspects of the event.
Plastic Site The modern campsite (of inauthentic 'plastic' tents) also sometimes call the Third Millenium Campsite (TMC).
Red Tag Test These tests are to show that you are competent and able to use different classes of weapons; as set down in the NBTP. You will need to collect at least 6 stamps with the weapon(s) you are taking the test for and then, at the beginning of training on a day when red tag tests are being performed, present yourself to the MTO or one of his deputies for testing. This test will last all day and culminates in a final test after the completion of the main combat for the day.
SO Site Officer - The person responsible for site related issues that are not covered by other officers; practically this means all the co-ordination and safety issues..
Squishy A new combatant member - normally unarmoured. Should be treated with respect!
Stamps You will receive a number of stamps in your membership book. The most common of these are military training stamps - for certain weapons you will need to collect a number of stamps before you can take the Red Tag Test and progress to a different weapon.

A Senior Member of the society who has proved their station through a combination of effort, costume, skill and knowledge. If you get asked a question that you don't know the answer to - look for a Thegn and ask them - they will normally be able to answer it or find someone who knows.

This is an Anglo-Saxon term - there are equivalent terms for other ethnicities Hauldr, Miles, Uchewlr - although the term Thegn is used normally within the society.

Yellow Tag The first time you go on the field after passing your Battlefield Safe Test you should have a yellow tag around the base of your spear. Sometimes the expression yellow tag refers to the tag or the spearman. Please remember that this is not just for safety of the yellow tag, but also for his assailants as new members occasionally make mistakes. You may be asked to keep the yellow tag on for subsequent battles by the MTO or one of his deputies.