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New Members’ Handbook


What you need - basic kit

Fashion changes slowly in our period and a simple set of basic kit will get you through most Regia Anglorum’s shows.

Status is depicted through colour, jewellery and type and amount of cloth. You may therefore see people of higher rank wearing things that your group leader will not allow you to wear. This is because to start with, your clothes will reflect a low ranking peasant.

Your group leader should be your first point of call for advice and guidelines on authenticity, and you should not buy anything without consulting him/her first. However included here are some basic tips to get you started.

Basic kit
Female Male
Woollen dress Woollen tunic
Head scarf or head cloth Waist tie/belt
Linen underdress Linen undertunic
Shoes Shoes
Woollen bag Woollen bag
Cloak Cloak
Knife Knife
Plate, spoon, cup Plate, spoon, cup


Weaves: Always choose cloth on which the weave is visible. Plain weave (under one, over one) is the best choice – consult your group leader or an authenticity officer if you are in any doubt.

Fur: As a new member you should avoid fur.


Colours were produced by using natural dyestuffs – some of which were imported and expensive. You will learn more about this as time goes on but as a new member here are some general guidelines.

Many people would wear undyed cloth – unbleached linen and white, grey or brown wool.

The easiest colours to get using dyes are yellows, yellowy greens and orangey reds. Go for muted “natural looking” tones. If in any doubt ask your group leader or one of the authenticity officers.

Avoid black. Although it was possible to obtain black it was not a common colour.

At this stage you do not need to add any extra decoration to your clothes.


You will see a lot of spectacular jewellery being worn by people around you. To start with you will need almost no jewellery. The most useful things to start with are straight pins for securing clothing and head cloths. These should be made of bronze, bone or even wood.

Construction and Patterns

There are more details in the Basic Clothing section of the Members Handbook.

Where next?

Regia portrays a variety of different ethnic backgrounds (Viking, Norman, Saxon etc) and different social classes. As you progress through the society you may wish to acquire specialised costumes for a particular role.

You should consult your group leader or an authenticity officer and refer to the relevant section of the handbook for more information on this.

If you have more questions look ask your group leader, the relevant officer or other members. If you have email access then feel free to ask questions on the Regia Anglorum eGroup. However the easiest way is to come to a show and discover it for yourself.