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New Members’ Handbook

Regia Anglorum: The Society

National Organisation

Regia Anglorum is a national organisation made up of a number of local groups. It is governed by a council known as the Witan (literally “The Wise Ones”). This is made up of all group leaders and national officers, and regulated by a code of law which applies to all groups (see below).


Regia will have at any one time a number of National Officers. These are experienced members with an expertise in a particular area who are elected to manage the day to day business of the society on behalf of its members.

You will be expected to follow instructions given to you by an officer of the society quickly and with good grace. They are working to ensure that you and the public are safe. Failure to follow instructions from an officer during the show can result in expulsion from the society.

The officers you are most likely to come into contact with are:

Military Training Officer (MTO) Responsible for training standards and safety.
Master at Arms (MaA) Responsible for the safety and authenticity of weapons.
Living History Exhibit Coordinator (LHEC) Responsible for content, safety and authenticity on the LHE
Authenticity Officer (AO) Responsible for the authenticity of all members on site.
Site Officer (SO) Responsible for all health & safety matters on LHE and modern campsite.
First Aid Coordinator (FAC) Responsible for all first aid matters.


To belong to Regia Anglorum you must belong to one of the local groups – which will usually be the closest one to where you live.

Groups have a high level of autonomy within the restrictions of the code of law. Your group leader should be your first port of call for guidance and advice and you should follow their instructions. Local groups may impose regulations which are stricter (but not less strict) than those in force in Regia Anglorum in general. You will be expected to attend local group meetings (often called Hearthnights) and training sessions which should be held regularly.

Local groups can put on displays by themselves, or with other local groups, as well as taking part in National events.


The society communicates with its members in a number of ways:-

Hearthnights: These are meetings of local groups at which a number of important issues such as information about up and coming shows may be discussed. You should try to attend these where possible. Some local groups may have their own newsletter or eGroup.

Chronicle: This is the society’s magazine, usually published four times per year. It contains information about shows, important announcements, regulations, officers reports and articles of general interest to the membership. As soon as you become a member of the society you should begin to receive this. If you don’t, speak to your group leader.

Clamavi: This is a newsletter which is circulated to all members with up to date information regarding shows and events, and other pertinent information for members. It is produced as needed.

Regia Website: – This is a good source of up to date information. Several local groups also have their own web sites. A lot of the societies documentation is available in the Members’ Area.

eGroup: This is an email group where a single communication can easily be sent to a large proportion of the Regia Anglorum membership. All members of Regia Anglorum are eligible to be included on Regia Anglorum’s eGroup. You should apply through your group leader who will forward your name, group and e-mail address to the moderator for inclusion on the list.

At times separate eGroups are set up to discuss various issues. You may wish to be invited to join one of these and may wish to included in these from time to time.

The Code of Law and Officer's Regulations

The society publishes a code of law which applies to all members and groups. You should be able to borrow one from your group leader and should have read it before you became a member.

Each officer is responsible for producing a set of regulations governing their area of responsibility. These may change from time to time. All amendments will be published in Chronicle and on the website. You are expected to be aware of all regulations that apply to you. Your group leader, as usual, should be your first point of information.

These documents are available via your group leader or from the Regia website Members’ Area.

Your responsibilities

Remember that this is also a hobby for your group leader and for the officers. They want to enjoy themselves as much as you do. They will do everything reasonable to help you, but you will be expected to take a certain amount of responsibility for yourself. In particular:

Speak to your group leader before a show. Make sure that you have adequate kit and know what you will be eating and where you will be sleeping. Do not wait until you are at a show to worry about any of these things.

You are expected to listen carefully to group leaders and officers and to carry out their instructions with a good grace.

Do not do anything that will bring the society into disrepute. Be aware of your language where the public can hear you. Sharp weapons and tools must never be taken on to the battlefield or off the LHE, or left lying around where the public can pick them up.

You are responsible for your own safety and belongings. You must have an up to date tetanus injection and make sure that your group leader is aware of any relevant medical conditions you have.

You must know where your equipment is at all times – no-one else is responsible for looking after your spear, your bowl or your children. If you have borrowed anything from your group or another member, it is up to you to make sure it is returned in good condition. You will be expected to replace or pay for anything you lose or damage.