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New Members’ Handbook



When you join Regia, you will be ranked as a slave. You can expect to be ordered around a lot while you are in character. Do not take offence at this. It is all part of the image. You will be freed at the discretion of your Group Leader in accordance with the regulations in force in your local group, or usually, after you complete a 90 day probation period. During this time you might be rejected by the Society with no reason given – although this is very rare. (See the Code of Law for further details.) As time goes on, you may progress up the ranks should you so wish. Your Group Leader will be able to explain to you how this is organised in your local group.

Authenticity of character

Regia, unlike some other re-enactment societies does not interact with the public in the 1st person – in other words, we do not pretend to be Anglo-Saxons who have ‘never heard of chocolate’. This is because many of us do not speak Old English, and the majority of the public would not understand us if we did! Also, it makes it difficult to give a sensible answer to a sensible question. However, please make some attempt to maintain the illusion. Don’t talk about computers, football or the latest ‘soap’ on the TV when the public are listening. You are likely to be addressed by your authentic name – so make sure you know it! You should react as authentically as possible to those around you – in your case this means treating everyone with deference and respect!


Some groups have a strong preference for a particular ethnic identity (e.g. Saxon, Viking, Norman &c.); this is fine, but remember that this will not be appropriate at all shows, so you will need to be flexible.