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New Members’ Handbook


What is authenticity?

It is Regia’s aim to portray the life, costumes and crafts of our period as accurately as possible within the constraints of safety and feasibility. You will hear the word ‘authenticity’ a lot. What we mean by this is that as far as reasonably possible, you will try to look like an Anglo-Saxon, Viking etc to a person standing close to you.

What do we mean by reasonably possible?


Certain compromises are allowable for reasons of price and practicality. We do not expect you to walk around with no underwear, develop intestinal worms and hand weave your own cloth! We use tents on the LHE for reasons of practicality although few, if any, people lived in tents. They would have lived in houses.

Contact lenses may be worn.

Gloves may be worn on the battlefield for safety reasons but they must be plain, naturally coloured and not too large.

In the period people had little that they need to carry around with them. You may have car keys inhalers etc to keep track of. The best way of doing this is to make a woollen bag which can be carried over your shoulder (not a belt pouch) or a small soft pouch worn under your tunic.

Women are allowed to take part as combatants so long as they make a reasonable attempt to look like men. (See the military section above).

Clothing may be machine sewn as long as no machine stitching is visible.

It can get very cold at certain shows – often members will wear t-shirts, leggings or thermals underneath their authentic clothes. This is perfectly okay so long as they do not show!

Datelines and Ethnicity

Many of our displays centre around a particular set of events; for example, The Battle of Hastings. It is important that the whole display reflect this. Although your basic costume and equipment won’t alter over Regia’s period, you may find that the battlefield and LHE. look slightly different for an AD950 dateline as opposed to a 1066 dateline. Equally, a display at one end of Britain may have different ethnic weighting to a display at the other end. Again, you will find that your basic kit needs little change. You may find that your chosen identity may need to change from Kent to Northumbria to Wales. You may need to assume a local identity.

You will have chose an authentic name as part of your membership process. Bear in mind that you may need to change this if you need to change your ethnicity.

Authenticity Checks

If you are fighting, you will be checked for authenticity as part of the muster process. The LHE is checked ½ hour before site is opened to the public.