Election of society officers

The officers who run the various aspects of the society are elected by the society. See below for when each officership is next up for election.

Most officers are in post for a three-year term, a select few essential officerships are five-year terms. For further details, contact the Lawspeaker.

Year Officership Incumbant
2020General SecretaryClaire Collier
Living History Exhibit CoordinatorHelen Sofia
Missiles OfficerTony Peel
Maritime OfficerStephen Etheridge
Ecclesiastical OfficerMartin Williams
First-Aid CoordinatorAdrian Pinn
WebmasterMalcolm Butler
2021EolderTed Jones
Business ManagerRoland Williamson
Military Training OfficerTom Robinson
Wychurst Project CoordinatorMatthew Town
Communications OfficerMalcolm Butler
Merchandising OfficerToby Dones
2022LawspeakerElliot Aish
Chairman of the High WitanMike Everest
Authenticity OfficerDave Anderson
Master-at-ArmsBenjamin Rees
Equestrian Liaison OfficerMartin Williams
Health and Safety OfficerJohn Shulver
Membership OfficerCarrie Ferries
Research CoordinatorCatherine Stallybrass
Press and Publicity OfficerJennifer Peters
Overseas Liaison OfficerCatherine Stallybrass
2023Honorary TreasurerMichael Stallybrass