Regia Anglorum – Basic Clothing Guide

Welcome to the online version of the "Basic Clothing Guide" – this set of pages will let you know about basic clothing during Regia's principal period of interest; some guidance on what it should look like and some patterns and examples for making your own.

Table of Contents
  1. Materials - What to use and what to avoid?
  2. Decoration on Clothing
  3. Male Clothing
  4. Female Clothing
  5. Construction Guide and Diagrams
    1. Clothing Hints and Tips
    2. Headwear
    3. Tunics and Dresses – Basic Construction
    4. Legwear
    5. Hems and Seams
    6. Shoes
  6. Textiles FAQ
  7. Ranks and Colour Classifications

Last updated on 6 Feb 2004.
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Compiled by Regia Anglorum.