Wychurst – Our reconstructed Anglo-Saxon Manor

Alone of all re-enactment societies, Regia Anglorum owns a permanent site. Situated about sixty miles from central London and in a patch of secluded woodland near Canterbury in Kent, we are constructing a fortified manor house from the Late Anglo-Saxon period. We have used our site as a filming location on several occasions. Pictured here is the front entrance with the longhall in the distance.

Our site
Our site – © Alan Tidy 2016

But the main feature is the spectacular Longhall. The only building of its kind in the UK has tremendous presence and mere words cannot honestly do it justice. At the heart of the site, this 20×10×10 metre English Oak building is exactly what one might expect to find in such a vulnerable spot in the Viking Age. It has a protective ditch and palisade, over 200m in length complete with a watchtower and impressive gates.

A feast in the longhall
A feast in the longhall – © Alison Offer 2012

You may have seen it on television as we have used our site as a filming location on several occasions.

This is an ongoing project and things are always changing there. For the latest, with some up-to-date pictures of the site and the work which has gone into it, feel free to visit our Wychurst pages.

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