Membership of Regia Anglorum

Finding a local group

Regia Anglorum is composed of many Local Groups situated through the British Isles, and some overseas. We recruit geographically and have groups scattered the length and breadth of the country from Orkney to the Isle of Thanet in Kent and to Pembroke and beyond.

All members must belong to a Local Group. By joining their local group, members will be able to learn about the society from those nearby.

Each Local Group is situated within an area known as its Land Grant.

Within this Land Grant, a Group may recruit, hold Local shows, battle practices, civilian training days, banquets and training weekends. If a National Show falls within a Group's Land Grant, then generally that Group will host the show.

How do the groups operate?

Milites de Bec, the south Kent group
Milites de Bec, a group in Kent – © Jane Bateman 2013

Different Groups have their own individual rank structures. Generally, each new person can expect to start at the bottom, whether civilian or military, and work their way up through the ranks. In other words, don't expect to join a Norman Group and begin as a knight!

When you are at a show you will probably tend to fight, pitch a tent and eat with members of your own Group, but Regia is a pretty gregarious Society and it won't be long before you've been killed, woken up by, or bought a pint by a member of another Group.

Children playing
Children playing – © Paul Assheton 2017

As well as the Group Leaders there are several Officerships in Regia. The Group Leaders, the Officers and the Eolder gather together at least once a year for what is known as the High Witan – the council of Regia Anglorum. The Witan discusses and may vote on proposals made by Group Leaders. The Witan decides who will fill the various Officerships, when they come up for re-election, and may also amend the Constitution, or the Practice and Procedure document of Regia Anglorum. A copy of this document (normally called the Code of Law) and the Officers' Regulations are available on the members area of this website. Before you join you will be shown the Code of Law; it's quite a big document – and chunks of it are not particularly relevant to everyday membership of the society – however you will be shown the relevant sections of the document and should read these before signing the membership form.

As well as the High Witan, there are a number of other smaller Councils within Regia. These are groups of interested members of the society who assist the various officers in their rôles. They meet when necessary and normally communicate via email; if you wish to become involved in these then feel free to contact the relevant officer; see the members area on this website for more details.


Overseas Membership

We have an international membership with groups in both the USA and Canada. Our members include representatives from many European countries, including the Czech Republic, Denmark, Spain, France and Germany.

What do I do now?

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