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After hours
After hours – © Mike South 2017

Before you join Regia, you may have decided whether you wanted to participate in military or civilian life, or both. You are free to do whatever you choose, and as time goes by you will find more and more to interest you. It may be a cliché, but it is true that you will get out of Regia what you decide to put in.

Although Regia is about the past, there are always plans for the future.

Some dreamt of a permanent site, to recreate a complete image of life as it was; others longed to lead a charge of horses on Senlac Ridge. With hard work and imagination we are making these and many other things possible!

But more importantly, Regia Anglorum is not only about crafts and history and combat, it′s about making friends. It won′t be long before you are sitting around a campfire, telling tall tales of your exploits on the battlefield and maybe hearing a story or two from long ago. Who knows? Maybe at the campfire, looking up from sewing a shoe, or peering across the shield′s rim at an unknown foe, the thought will come to you unbidden – as it does to all of us – “It must have been just like this…”

This is why we have become one of the country′s leading and most well respected Living History Societies.

OK – so you are now thinking that this could be for me. What do I do next? How do I go about joining Regia Anglorum. Follow me to the last page of this section to find out more…

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