Training weekends and events

Boats were the most effective form of long distance transport in the period and our boats travel all over the country. Recently there have been sailing weekends in Windermere, Cardiff Bay, Chichester Harbour and the Medway estuary. We have taken part in the Great River Race in London and the spectacular opening ceremony for the Great North Run in Newcastle.


Our boats, and sometimes the crews as well, have been filmed for a large number of documentaries, drama series and music videos over the years including: Tales of King Arthur, the Vikings drama series, Game of Thrones series 2, Valhalla Rising and Blue Peter.

Eastbourne Boat Burial
A recreation of a Viking Boat "burial" in the Squirrel


The boats often come to shows that are nowhere near the water. They form part of a display where members share their knowledge and demonstrate traditional maritime skills.

Detling Beach
For Detling Military Odyssey we brought in 4 tonnes of shingle to recreate a beach and riverside fishing village